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American Society of Appraisers
Senior Member

Certified Marine Surveyor



  • A thorough inspection of a vessel, its equipment, machinery, electrical systems, plumbing systems, hardware, and structural members to determine its condition, appropriateness for its intended service, and value.

  • A prompt and detailed report describing the vessel and its equipment as found during survey.

  • Comments on the general and specific condition of the vessel, its systems, and its equipment.

  • Professional analysis of any problems areas, deficiencies, or damage found and comments on appropriate corrective action and cost involved

A marine survey, while it does provide an inventory of the vessel and its miscellaneous equipment, is far more than a list. A simple statement that Boat "A" has an XYZ propulsion system simply does not tell you what you need to know. Is the engine appropriate or adequate for the vessel? Are the hoses in good condition? Are there signs of excess vibration? Will you need a new engine next year? Is it time to change the oil?

My report will help you to see what I have seen, and it will provide you with enough information to make decisions.


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