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American Society of Appraisers
Senior Member

Certified Marine Surveyor




Even the best boat can develop problems which may be the result of manufacturing defect, design problems, faulty materials, workmanship, or mishandling in transit.

  • You discover a mysterious leak, the yard canít find the source; but you know there is water coming in.

  • Water may be saturating the hull core due to improperly sealed penetrations, screws penetrating the skin, poorly sealed port holes, hull to deck join, osmosis

  • Your hull, deck or superstructure is delaminating

  • Your bottom is blistered

  • Machinery is not operating at expected levels of performance

  • The vessel handles poorly

I will help you to determine whether your problem is, in fact, a warranty problem. Then we will work toward the best solution to your problem.

You need an expert who understands yacht production, construction, materials, and workmanship. A good Marine Surveyor will provide technical expertise and professional advice. I will work with you to review the background of the problem and any correspondence you have had with the prior owner, builder, or repairer. I will inspect the situation and assess the problem found. I will provide a thorough report, including photographs documenting my findings and recommending further action. I will work with you, your repairer, and the vessel builder/dealer.

I may determine that you would benefit from the expertise of other marine specialists or may need laboratory tests. Perhaps you will need the input of a naval architect. After 30 years in the field, I know when I need to seek more specialized assistance; I know my limitations, and I am not afraid to state them.

I have served as expert witness in court, mediation, and arbitration settings. I have provided litigation support to attorneys as they develop their cases. My survey of your vessel will document the source of your problem and recommend the appropriate corrective action and cost involved.



When you discover that you need substantial repairs or decide that you should remodel your present yacht rather than buy a new one, you need an independent professional marine surveyor to serve as your representative through the process. I will review your needs, conduct an initial survey to determine the extent of damage or to evaluate your proposed modifications and their possible effect on operation and safety. Again, I will offer advice in determining the need for more specialized expertise. Once you know what must be done, I will inspect the vessel throughout the repair/modification process to ensure that work is done properly and to specifications.

I have extensive experience working on damage and accident claims, assessing extent of damage, reviewing proposed repairs, and determining appropriate repair costs. This expertise is also invaluable when you feel buried under a mountain of repair invoices. We will review the paperwork and contracts, analyze the work done and charges rendered, and we will work together to determine the appropriateness of the billing or estimate.

You, your repairer, and I should be able to work as a team to reach a mutually agreeable solution to assure that the repair/modification process will proceed smoothly and professionally.


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